‘Rick and Morty’ Season Seven Opening Credits Omit Creators’ Names for Obvious Reasons

‘Rick and Morty’ Season Seven Opening Credits Omit Creators’ Names for Obvious Reasons

Of all the ugliness that’s come out of Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland’s fall from grace amidst allegations of abuse and grooming of women and girls as young as 16 years old, the former animation magnate did achieve one impressive feat in all the horror — he got Dan Harmon to stop taking credit for something for three seconds.

Rick and Morty Season Seven is almost upon us with a mysterious “soundalike” voice actor (or voice actors) taking over the performances of the show’s title characters. Back in January, the Adult Swim flagship franchise fired Roiland from his duties on the show, causing many fans to wonder how Rick and Morty could continue without his involvement. Then, when it was later revealed that Roiland’s responsibilities on the series were exclusively work-from-home recording gigs, the only obstacle for Adult Swim seemed to be selecting one of the thousand TikTokers who had been honing their Rick and Morty impressions for years, for free, to take over the most high-profile voice roles in adult animated sci-fi.

Leading up to the premiere of Season Seven on October 15th, Adult Swim unveiled this upcoming season’s opening credits sequence, teasing plotlines and conflicts but keeping key details, such as the name of Roiland’s replacement, frustratingly secret. However, the credits video did reveal one important piece of information by erasing a part of the title card that has stayed constant since the show’s pilot — it no longer lists the names of the show’s creators in the final frame. 

Gee, I wonder why.

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