15 Very Dark Jokes From Gary Larson’s ‘The Far Side’

‘The Far Side’ could be at its best when it turned to the dark side
15 Very Dark Jokes From Gary Larson’s ‘The Far Side’

Gary Larson’s The Far Side might have been dubbed The Dark Side if Star Wars hadn’t been a thing when the comic first debuted. Because since 1979, Larson has been able to illustrate comedic commentaries on death, the underworld, marriage and so many other topics that Garfield and Family Circus would never touch in a family-friendly newspaper.

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And so, let’s enjoy some of the darkest and most depraved comics that Larson has conjured up over the years...

Python Suicide

Seems Pretty Straightforward

Clown in a Gun Store

This is basically just the plot of Joker.

Donner Party Memorial

If you don’t know what The Donner Party was, a quick Google search will tell you. Just don’t search for it at work. Especially if you’re in the food industry.

Mary Had a Little Lamb

Fleece was white as snow, but flesh? Mary liked it medium-well.


There are so many questions to ask here, but mainly, “How?”

Dinner on Elm Street

What every chicken fantasizes about doing to Sean Evans on Hot Ones.

Fifi’s Folly

Did a dog named “Fifi” attack Larson as a child? (See above.)

Baking Through Infanticide

If you want an omelet (or, in this case, a cake), you gotta break a few eggs.

Never Trust a Duck

Ducks are shown to be some of the most devious animals in The Far Side. Margaret should have known.

Trouble Brewing

More Trouble Brewing

Even More Trouble Brewing

The Worst Babysitter

No words necessary. Sometimes an image says everything.

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