We previously asked ourselves 14 Questions We Didn’t Know We Wanted The Answer To, but our brains remain insatiable for answers to seemingly useless questions. Sure, we could ask “How to solve resource distribution inequality?” or even “Who let the dogs out?” but those questions sound like they would have really hard answers, so we’ll settle for weird questions with simple answers. We have a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips, and our only restraint is thinking of the right questions to ask. (Well, that, and paywalls on scholarly research.) 

Although many of us have thought, “Why is the sky blue?” when was the last time you thought, “Why are mammals not green?” Don’t worry. Here at Cracked, the great minds behind some of the internet’s longest listicles are here to ask the questions you’ve never dared to think. And then these noble minds did the brave Google searching to find the best sources for your answers. It’s up to you, brave reader, to use that knowledge responsibly. 

Why was Han Solo frozen in carbonite?

Q. Why was Han Solo frozen in carbonite? Harrison Ford only had one Star Wars sequel included in his contract, so writers wanted to allow for different narrative options before he signed on for the next film. CRACKED

Source: ScreenRant

Why do U.S. police wear blue?

Q. Why do U.S. police wear blue? The original uniforms were the surplus uniforms of the Union Army. CRACKED

Source: LAPD

Why does crying make your nose run?

Q. Why does crying make your nose run? Tears run down your due to a water overflowing your eyes (your eyes can each hold about 7 microliters). Overflowing tears also can also flood the ducts go into your nasal passage...leading to a runny nose. CRACKED

Source: PopSci

Why do people pace while talking on the phone?

Q. Why do people pace while talking on the phone? Our brains are used to talking to people face-to-face. Mutual physical feedback is lacking when we're on the phone so our brains translate our own emotional responses into physical movements. CRACKED

Source: Inc

Why did Yukon Cornelius lick his pickax?

Q. Why did Yukon Cornelius lick his pickax? In the classic Christmas film Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, a deleted scene shows that the prospector is actually looking for peppermint. CRACKED

Source: HuffPost

How are tattoos permanent?

Q.How are tattoos permanent? Cells in your immune system called macrophages eat the ink and pass it on to their replacements when they die. CRACKED

Source: NBC News

Why did Hanna-Barbera characters wear neckties and collars?

Q. Why did so many Hanna-Barbera characters wear ties and collars? Neck ornaments made the characters easier and cheaper to animate, allowing the artists to draw the head and body separate. CRACKED

Source: BBC

Why are Greek statues poorly endowed?

Q. Why are Greek statues...poorly endowed? In Ancient Greece, small penises were desirable. An Ancient Greek playwright described the perfect male body as a gleaming chest, bright skin, broad shoulders, tiny tongue, strong buttocks, and a little prick. CRACKED

Source: Artsy

Why do owls have to turn their head to see?

Q. Why do owls move their head to look around? Owl's eyeballs are tube-shaped so they can't move their eyes to see more like humans and have to move their entire head. Their moms must love they can't roll their eyes. CRACKED

Source: National Geographic

Why did 90s kids shows have forced educational messages?

Q. Why did 90s kids' shows have forced educational messages? The Children's Television Act of 1990 ordered the FCC to regulate that children's programming be educational and informational in the United States, although it was difficult to enforce. CRACKED

Source: New York Times

Why are movie theater seats red?

Q. Why are movie theater seats red? Red is the first color the human eye loses in low-light situation, which allows you to concentrate on the screen during the movie. CRACKED

Source: DesignTaxi

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