The Grossest Callback Jokes in Comedy History

If poop is funny the first time around, imagine how hysterical it will be the second time
The Grossest Callback Jokes in Comedy History

If gross-out comedy is funny once, it must be uproarious a second time, right? That seems to be the logic behind funny filmmakers who know when they have a good (albeit disgusting) thing going. Here are four examples of comedies that grossed us out, then came back and did it again to make sure we were thoroughly, hilariously nauseated… 

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The Toilet Babies on The Righteous Gemstones

While extolling the virtues of modern birthing technology, Baby Billy reveals that his young bride Tiffany was a toilet baby. What’s a toilet baby? Well, it’s pretty much what you’d expect, with the added detail of Tiffany’s mother not even knowing she was pregnant before she gave birth in a bowl. 

It’s a funny bit of character business, and Righteous Gemstones producers doubled down in a later episode by having Tiffany escape to a porta-potty to avoid Baby Billy, only to have history repeat itself in the most scatological way possible.

“It was so fucking ridiculous. So sublime,” Walter (Baby Billy) Goggins told Thrillist. “To use a porta-potty as a metaphor for rebirth and coming through the birthing canal and, to me, I'll fucking tear up talking about it, man.” 

The Masturbation Gags in the ‘American Pie’ Series

The invitingly warm pie that Jim uses to satisfy his primal urges was such an important character in this teen sex comedy that producers named the dang movie after it.

When American Pie became a monster hit, the movie studio mandate was clear: “We want sequels, and they all must feature our main characters pleasuring themselves.” In American Pie 2, Jim foiled his self-service attempt once again by mistaking airplane glue for sexual lubricant.

Jim’s got no time for on-screen self-gratification in American Wedding, but that doesn’t stop his fiancee Michelle from scolding him after he defends Stifler. “Oh, Jim, you’ve gotta stop masturbating,” she says. “It’s melting your brain.”

She’s one to talk. By the time American Reunion comes around, it’s Michelle who gets caught taking care of business in the bathtub — but only after Jim mangles his manhood in another botched masturbation session. Does this guy ever consider leaving it alone for a minute? 

Revolting Cousin Eddie in the ‘Vacation’ Movies

The Griswolds are a mostly normal family, but recurring visits from Uncle Eddie and his crew add a little nausea to their lives. In the original Vacation, he somehow rustles up a grilled version of Hamburger Helper while his daughter Vicki (a young Jane Krakowski!) mixes the Kool-Aid with her grubby fist. 

Cousin Eddie is back in Christmas Vacation, bringing along a leg-humping dog named Snot and emptying his RV’s shitter onto the neighborhood curb. 

To cap off the triple header, here’s Eddie in Vegas Vacation once again manhandling raw meat and frying it up on the desert landscape. How about that full-on-the-mouth kiss with his pole-dancing daughter? Eddie is the running gag that keeps us retching. 

The Sounds of Flatulence in the Dumb and Dumber Movies

We’re guessing the Farrelly Brothers loved whoopee cushions when they were kids? Fart noises, the more explosive the better, are guaranteed fourth-grade belly laughers, and the brothers decided to deploy that particular comedy missile in their breakthrough hit Dumb and Dumber.

It was a full 20 years before Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels reunited for a sequel, but that doesn’t mean they forgot the lessons of their early success. Four-letter words always work in comedy, especially when they’re spelled F-A-R-T.

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