All the Times on ‘Seinfeld’ When Kramer Was a World-Class Athlete

Cosmo Kramer was arguably the greatest athlete in ‘Seinfeld’ history, with no apologies to Keith Hernandez
All the Times on ‘Seinfeld’ When Kramer Was a World-Class Athlete

If pratfalls were an Olympic sport, I know who I’d want representing the red, white and blue in Paris next year.

Michael Richards’ portrayal of Cosmo Kramer on the beloved sitcom Seinfeld was one of the most iconic physical performances in television history — and that includes all the sports channels. At a slim 6-foot-3, Richards’ stature and spaghetti limbs made him a mixture between a spastic muppet and a graceful ballerina as he slid in and out of Manhattan apartments to uproarious applause from the in-studio audience. Over the course of Seinfeld’s nine divine seasons, the character of Kramer himself also demonstrated preposterous physical prowess, proving to be worthy of every ounce of animal magnetism he commanded.

Over in the Seinfeld subreddit, superfans recently discussed Kramer’s best-ever displays of outlandish athleticism. Here are a few of those instances that came up…

Kramer Became An Expert Mountain Climber on A Day’s Notice

Kramer Swam Laps Across the East River Because No Pool Could Contain (Him)

Kramer Was the First Baseman on the Comedy Club's Baseball Team, and You Couldnt Get Anything By Him

Kramer Could Hit A Golf Ball Into A Whales Blowhole From 200 Yards

Kramer Finished the AIDS Walk Despite Playing Poker the Entire Night Before and Getting His Ass Fully Kicked Halfway Through the Race

Kramer Was A Karate Master Who Beat His Entire Class (of Children) in A Row

And He Still Had The Body of A Taught, Pre-Teen Swedish Boy

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