21 Weirdly Tiny Roles of A-List Actors

21 Weirdly Tiny Roles of A-List Actors

Have you ever gone to see a movie that, according to all its marketing, stars a multiple-mansion actor only to find out that they’re in it for literally seven minutes? Of course you have. Everyone who saw the first Dune had that experience. So did redditor unitedfan6191, recently, when they watched Office Space for the first time in a good long while. They realized that Jennifer Aniston, five years deep into the comedy black hole of Friends at the time, was by far the most famous actor in the movie, but she’s not actually in it that much.

That’s pretty weird, because usually, the more famous an actor is, the more screen time they demand/command, so they asked r/Movies, what are some “movies where an A-List actor is in a ‘smaller’ role than you would’ve thought?” Not cameos, mind you, where the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it nature of the role is the whole point. We’re talking bit parts so baffling that they must have come down to scheduling conflicts or owing someone a favor. Indeed, the people of Reddit had plenty of bafflement to go around.




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