14 Villains Who Were Terrifying Because They Were Right

14 Villains Who Were Terrifying Because They Were Right

We’re often taught that the world is black or white. That there’s good or evil. That there are those who do right or those who do wrong. But there’s a little predicament when you come of a certain age and realize that the pesky little “or” should actually be an “and,” which makes some of these foundational life lessons a little murky. 

This grey area is exactly what Twitter user @picturesfoider wanted to explore when they recently asked the timeline, “What villain was terrifying because they were right?” 

The responses ranged from misunderstood freaks to genocidal maniacs, with one user aptly pointing out, “All great villains are right to a degree, but their execution makes them villainous.”

Here are the answers that we found the most chilling — if for no other reason than how they made us rethink things…

Jill Roberts, ‘Scream 4’

Ken, ‘Bee Movie’

Count Dooku, ‘Star Wars’

Clyde Shelton, ‘Law Abiding Citizen’

Roy Batty, ‘Blade Runner’

Richie Aprile, ‘The Sopranos’

Anton Chigurh, ‘No Country for Old Men’

Agent Smith, ‘The Matrix’

Miles Quaritch, ‘Avatar’

Immortan Joe, ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’

Erik Killmonger, ‘Black Panther’

Magneto, ‘X-Men’

Tyler Durden, ‘Fight Club’

Thanos, ‘Avengers: Endgame’

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