2001 ‘Friends’ People’s Choice Award and 9 Other Comedy Treasures That You Can Buy at the WGA Garage Sale

The online auction supports the Entertainment Community Fund through the sales of sentimental collectibles
2001 ‘Friends’ People’s Choice Award and 9 Other Comedy Treasures That You Can Buy at the WGA Garage Sale

Hollywood garage sales are a little different from those in normal places — instead of selling knickknacks, vintage jackets and chipped dinnerware, there’s signed knickknacks, a Simpsons writer’s vintage jacket and a single annotated page from the original script of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

As the production companies of Hollywood hunker down and literally attempt to starve out the unions currently fighting for fair pay, the multiple show-business strikes have forced card-carrying creatives to tighten their belts and band together to make ends meet — apparently, by selling all of their sentimental and collectable stuff from their various projects. The “WGARAGE SALE” is in full swing as writers and others put services and souvenirs up for auction in order to raise money for the Entertainment Community Fund, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing housing, social services and emergency financial assistance for artists in need.

Here are a handful of my favorite lots in the auction, starting with Executive Producer Greg Malins’ 2001 People’s Choice Award for his involvement in Friends the WGA will be there for you, starving artists.

Friends 2001 People’s Choice Award — Favorite Comedy Series

Amy Sedaris' Socks

The Opportunity to Get Pooped on By Triumph the Insult Comic Dog

A Seinfeld Finale Script Signed By the Entire Cast Plus Larry David

A Young Sheldon Zoom Watch Party With the Kid Who Plays Young Sheldon

Nick Offerman's Tour Guitar, Signed

A Page From The Original Script of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure Plus A Zoom Conversation with the Co-Writer

An Ultra-Rare Simpsons Varsity Jacket Like the One Susan Sarandon Wears All the Time

America (The Book) Signed By the 2004 Cast of The Daily Show

‘Alfred E. Neuman on Strike’ Artwork By MAD Magazine Cartoonist Sergio Aragones

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