Joe Rogan and Jim Gaffigan Debate January 6th and the ‘Deep State’

Shocking absolutely nobody, Rogan argued that the intelligence community conspired to soil Donald Trump’s good name
Joe Rogan and Jim Gaffigan Debate January 6th and the ‘Deep State’

As America anxiously awaits a rumored indictment of former president Donald Trump over the January 6th Capitol Attack, comedy’s top minds are already hard at work reaching their final verdict.

Joe Rogan has long fit the descriptor of “conspiracy friendly,” and although Rogan cut his teeth on the more playful alien-adjacent plots and coverups, in recent years, the former Fear Factor host and current podcasting king’s pet theories have pretty much always aligned with the opinions of the alt-right on issues of vaccines, deep states and Bud Light cans. Well, on this past Friday’s episode of The Joe Rogan Experience with guest Jim Gaffigan, Rogan argued for his most predictable hypothesis yet, claiming that, despite Trump’s many publicly known inciting statements encouraging the kinds of acts committed on January 6, 2021, the riot was plotted and perpetrated by members of the intelligence community as a false flag to take down their mortal enemy.

Since the episode, Gaffigan’s “That’s illogical and it directly contradicts the established facts of the event” response to Rogan’s argument has been widely slammed and mocked by the online right who have declared their demagogue the victor in the debate — all that’s missing is an Elon Musk Twitter poll to settle it once and for all.

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