‘There Are Rabbits in These Holes’: Joe Rogan Is Back With Classic Alien Conspiracy Tweets

Late last night, Rogan posted two consecutive tweets about something other than the culture wars
‘There Are Rabbits in These Holes’: Joe Rogan Is Back With Classic Alien Conspiracy Tweets

Break out the DMT, roast some venison sirloin and, Jamie, pull that alien biologist post up — vintage Joe Rogan is back.

Longtime listeners of The Joe Rogan Experience may have noticed that, as the temperature in the exhausting, all-encompassing culture wars continues to climb, the last few years of JRE have been inundated with endless appearances from the Jordan Petersons and the Candace Owenses of the world who seek to deepen the divide between left and right for personal, political or pecuniary gain. Issues like trans rights and “cancel culture” dominate discussions on the world’s most popular podcast, and followers who find themselves on the other side of the wedge issues driven into JRE discourse may find themselves slightly, um, alienated, by the tone of today’s Rogan.

But late last night, Rogan posted two consecutive tweets that suggest that the king of podcasts briefly returned to his roots during a break from his usual vaccine fear-mongering and Babylon Bee retweets. Yes, we’re going back into outer space.

Of course, Rogan’s interest in UFOs has never truly disappeared, even during his most politically charged moments. Every now and then, he’ll retweet some image from a supposed alien landing site or quote some NASA UAP study. However, there are two elements in last night’s posts that differ from the typical extraterrestrial palate cleanser in Rogan’s feed. First, these are original posts, suggesting that Rogan sought out this information and didn’t simply retweet links sent to him. Secondly, according to the timestamps, Rogan was researching UFOs at least from 2:30 a.m. to 3 a.m. Austin time — this wasn’t an obligatory afternoon update, this was the result of dedicated research into the unknown. This was a man who couldn’t sleep until he uncovered the truth.

Of the two links shared by Rogan, the first is decidedly more accessible than the second — a grainy video of flying saucers speeding away at 24,000 mph is much more digestible than a 5,300-word manifesto from a supposed molecular biologist claiming to have studied chimera organisms with organic material from both our biosphere and an unknown source. 

I don’t pretend to know every word from that Reddit post (nor would Rogan, probably), but I do know one thing — if Rogan is staying up until three in the morning reading pages upon pages of pictureless text from a guy claiming to be from the Battelle National Biodefense Institute, then the old Joe really is still in there somewhere.

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