Roseanne Barr Is Now Beefing with Ann Coulter — And Seemingly Everyone Else on Twitter

Roseanne and angry tweets go together like PB&J
Roseanne Barr Is Now Beefing with Ann Coulter — And Seemingly Everyone Else on Twitter

Like every Roseanne Barr controversy, this one started with a tweet.

The previously universally beloved sitcom star has been on a rightward spiral for the past decade to the point where Barr may be too conservative for the prior political era’s rightwing nutjobs. At the turn of the millennium, Ann Coulter was one of the loudest and most controversial mouthpieces of America’s hardcore conservative constituency, but today she’s getting dunked on by Barr for failing to take the incredibly pressing national issue of Hunter Biden’s laptop as seriously as the rest of the Republican Party.

After Coulter criticized Trump supporters’ fixation on the legendary laptop and willful ignorance of the facts of Trump’s collusion with Russia during the 2016 election, Barr unleashed on Coulter, wondering, “How did she type this without choking on her Adam’s apple?” before setting her sights on, well, the rest of us.

In 2018, Barr famously landed herself in hot water after tweeting out that Obama Administration official Valerie Jarrett looked like the “muslim brotherhood and planet of the apes had a baby,” thus getting herself fired from the rebooted Roseanne (then the top show on television) and released by her talent agency in one fell swoop. Since her comeback with the unconfident Fox Nation special Cancel This!, Barr has been back on Twitter to unload her every irate thought without the threat of job loss, seeing as Fox usually has to pay a premium to produce the kind of high-profile inflammatory racism that Barr tweets out for free.

Here are a few of Barrs recent hits besides the Coulter barb — ABC executives, shield your eyes.

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