Tracy Morgan’s Tinder Profile Shows A Walmart Truck Dumping Money on His Front Lawn

The promo for Morgan’s new Max special makes light of the comic's tragic accident in 2014
Tracy Morgan’s Tinder Profile Shows A Walmart Truck Dumping Money on His Front Lawn

When he first joined the online dating scene, Tracy Morgan wasn’t sure how to demonstrate to the Tinder-using women of the Bronx that he made a bunch of money off of a tragic incident involving a Walmart truck – then it hit him.

The 30 Rock star has a new special launching on Max this August 17th titled Tracy Morgan: Takin’ It Too Far, and, according to the promotional video released yesterday, Morgan holds nothing back when it comes to struggle and tragedy in his personal life. “Everybody in this room got baggage,” he opens the teaser, “Mine’s just happen to be Louis Vitton.” In 2014, Morgan was a passenger in a sprinter minibus that was struck by a Walmart semi-truck in a six-car pileup, which put Morgan in the hospital for weeks and took the life of his close friend James McNair, better known as Jimmy Mack. Then, in 2020, Morgan went through a divorce, leaving the comic single in his 50s with a pocket full of settlement money.

Not one to waste an opportunity to mine his own trauma, Morgan said of his dating life, “My Tinder profile is a Walmart truck dropping off a bag of money on my front lawn.”

Following the 2014 crash, Morgan faced a long road to recovery, both physically and mentally. The crash, his coma, and the lengthy rehab process were all the subjects of his 2017 Netflix special, Staying Alive, and now, almost a decade after the harrowing ordeal, Morgan makes a point to shout out Walmart and their trucks anytime he’s handed a microphone.

Though Morgan’s ability to process such a profoundly tragic event through comedy is admirable and even healthy, he made a point to remind his audience that his dark days may not be completely behind him – said Morgan, “If y’all see me dancing in my draws in my kitchen on TikTok, all that Walmart money is gone.”

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