13 of the Best One-Time ‘SNL’ Hosts, According to Reddit

Talk about making a first impression
13 of the Best One-Time ‘SNL’ Hosts, According to Reddit

No matter how you feel about the show in its current iteration, hosting Saturday Night Live has always been a coveted gig for entertainers. No different than presidential hopefuls hitting the campaign trail, the hosting job at Studio 8H is often a fun, high-profile promotional stop for a buzzworthy new release or forthcoming film. Not to mention, it’s a job that’s produced 13 Emmy wins, so it’s no wonder performers still vie to see their names on those handwritten index cards. 

From Melissa McCarthy to Steve Martin, the show has seen its fair share of repeat hosts across its 48 seasons. There are a few folks, though, who might have only hosted once but still left quite the impression. Live from New York, here are some of the best one-time SNL hosts, along with their most memorable sketches, according to a recent Reddit thread… 

Sofia Vergara

Vergara was joined by “Penelope Cruz” (played by Kate McKinnon in her SNL debut) in a skit that utilized the Modern Family actress’ Colombian accent to her benefit.

Carrie Fisher

You may want to turn your volume down for this one. Fisher played a member of the “Loud Family,” poking fun at the multicam sitcoms of the time. Alongside Bill Murray, Jane Curtin and Gilda Radner, the family caught two unsuspecting guests off-guard with their ear-splitting voices. 

Kerry Washington

While the Scandal actress has a long list of dramatic credits to her name, Washington was able to let loose here as an irritable Miss Universe contestant with a handful of questions.

Richard Pryor

As SNL’s first Black host, it was natural for Pryor to bring his sensibility to the show. In the racially-charged parody sequel to The Exorcist, Pryor played a no-nonsense priest hell-bent on setting a mouthy white girl (played by Laraine Newman) straight.

JK Simmons

Simmons is one of those actors who seems to be in everything. Included in that lengthy list of credits is an appearance on SNL in a role his voice was made for in an “alternate ending” to Casablanca.

Donald Glover

Before Greta Gerwig’s satirical take on Barbie, we had SNL’s, which included a very analytical intern played by Glover coming up with Instagram captions for the iconic doll that were most definitely left on the cutting room floor.

Seth MacFarlane

MacFarlane joined a slew of SNL mainstays for a puppet class full of vocal stylings, backstory building and Bill Hader initiating a puppet threesome. 

Patrick Swayze

Swayze took to the SNL stage at the height of his career and put his biggest skill to use: his smoking hot bod. Joined by the inimitable Chris Farley, the two went toe-to-toe in the iconic “Chippendales Audition” sketch. 

Betty White

White’s contribution to SNL landed her one of those aforementioned Emmy wins for Guest Actor or Actress in a Comedy Series. It was an appropriate victory, highlighted by this battle of words with Tina Fey that somehow didn’t see either woman break character.

Robert Downey Jr.

Before he was trapped in an iron suit, Downey Jr. was truly a Hollywood heartthrob, something his SNL guest-host appearance traded on in this West Side Story parody that mocked musical conventions and had one gang leader (played by Norm Macdonald) questioning why his boys would break out into song and dance.

Pedro Pascal

The Last of Us actor’s appearance on SNL was just one of the three roles this year that earned him an Emmy nomination. Pascal played to his strengths, lending his talents to a gritty prestige adaptation of another video game: Mario Kart.

Quinta Brunson

Brunson’s “Traffic Altercation” skit leaned into the petty arguments we all experience on the road, making it arguably the most relatable entry here. Of course, she might not be on this list for long, given that her only appearance was only last season and Abbott Elementary — and her career — shows no signs of slowing down.  

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