13 Hilarious Jane Lynch Jokes and Moments for Her 63rd Birthday

13 Hilarious Jane Lynch Jokes and Moments for Her 63rd Birthday

Jane Lynch has been a part of our collective comedy diet for nearly 40 years, starting from her time at Second City as part of the Real Live Brady Bunch stage show to becoming a multi-time Emmy winner. 

It wasn’t an easy path, though. Aside from the struggles of navigating Hollywood as a lesbian, she was stuck as an “oh, her!” actor for years, thanklessly stealing scene after scene. Fortunately, those scenes collectively built up in our pop-culture psyche, forcing us to remember the name “Jane Lynch.” But she had been there the whole time, able to flawlessly hop between comedically menacing, authentically awkward and hilariously oblivious — sometimes all in the same performance.

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To celebrate her 63rd birthday, we’re looking back and showcasing some of the funniest jokes and moments from her career... 

As Sazz Pataki in ‘Only Murders in the Building’

Lynch embodies the part she was born to play: Steve Martin’s character’s stunt double. Sometimes that includes showing off her acting chops by stepping in to help with breakups.

As Lucy Bobby in ‘Talladega Nights’

Lynch was able to channel her inner hick energy as Ricky Bobby’s mom in the NASCAR racing comedy.

Getting Acting Tips From Harrison Ford

On Conan, Lynch shared a story about one of her earlier roles in The Fugitive and receiving a piece of acting advice from Ford, which amounted to “Keep your mouth shut.”

Helping Andy Samberg Relax on ‘Saturday Night Live’

On SNL, Lynch played a therapist providing a different form of therapy to help her patients. She doesn’t really get into what Phase 2 entails though.

On the New Boyfriend Talk Show

Also on Saturday Night Live, Lynch played a mom whose son interviews her new boyfriends. It’s hilarious and awkward in equal measure.

Her Album Cover Collection

On Conan, Lynch showed off a very niche hobby: collecting weird album covers. Not only do these covers amuse Lynch and everyone around her, but they also invite disturbing questions as well. 

Hosting the 63rd Emmy Awards

Lynch’s appeal and ability to nail every joke got her the gig of hosting the Emmys.

As Calhoun in ‘Wreck-It Ralph’

Lynch is often cast as a tough sweetheart, but she fully got that image flexed as a badass sweetheart in her role as legally-not-Gears of War video game character Calhoun in Wreck-It Ralph.

As Sue Sylvester on ‘Glee’

In arguably her best-known role, Lynch played the glee club’s harsh yet meme-ingly entertaining antagonist. Be honest — she’s the only thing you remember from this show.

As Constance in ‘Party Down’

As an older actor, Lynch portrayed an older actor/caterer in the cult comedy about a catering business filled with actors and others trying to “make it” while serving finger foods at parties.

A Solution in ‘The 40-Year-Old Virgin’

In which Lynch offers a suggestion to Steve Carell’s character regarding his “lack of sex” problem with awkward conversation mixed in with beautiful singing.

In ‘A Mighty Wind’

Lynch was able to shine in the Christopher Guest mockumentary as Laurie Bohner, adding much needed color to each scene she’s in.

The Best in ‘Best in Show’

Lynch pairing with Jennifer Coolidge was the comedic version of chocolate meeting peanut butter, as they played the dog show power pair in another beloved Guest mockumentary.

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