15 Jennifer Coolidge Now-You-Know Facts

15 Jennifer Coolidge Now-You-Know Facts

Jennifer Coolidge is having a resurgence, and the world couldn’t be happier. Like Betty White, the nation has collectively decided to remember her amazing talent out of nowhere, with the added bonus of not yet being 90 years old. Coolidge is one of those rare actors that is most beloved not in spite of but for their very specific acting quirks as opposed to their range. Victoria Jackson from Saturday Night Live made a career out of being the blonde ditz, but for Coolidge it's in service of the script and not her actual life. Coolidge is a force that can balance being an object of desire, and the butt the joke at the same time - that's from her stint at The Groundlings with some people you may have heard of, like Will Ferrell, Cheri Oteri, and Chris Parnell.

Here are 15 facts about one of the world's most uniquely funny comedians, Jennifer Coolidge.

She got a huge applause just for looking at Bob Balaban.

She Once Got An Applause For Not Saying Anything At All CRACKED COM Christopher Guest, the director of A Mighty Wind, told Variety about an instance while promoting the film, where Bob Balaban and Coolidge walked onto the stage and gazed at one another. Guest said, It was the biggest applause I've ever heard. It was striking because Bob is quite small and Jennifer is a tall woman. They didn't have to say a word-in that silence of him looking up at her, everything that they had done together was put into that moment where no one had to say

Variety / Vanity Fair 

She was put in an Ariana Grande music video after she said she liked her impression.

She Was Cast In An Ariana Grande Music Video CRACKED.COM Coolidge first discovered Ariana Grande was a fan after Grande did a pretty accurate impression of her on The Tonight Show. In response, Coolidge sent Grande a DM telling her she loved the impression which eventually led her to reprise her role from Legally Blonde in the Thank You Next music video.

The Tonight Show / EW 

She got sea sick while filming.

She Puked While Filming White Lotus... A Lot. CRACKED.COM Director Mike White insisted the boat scenes be filmed on location with a real boat, despite Coolidge's tendency for sea sickness. Coolidge said she threw up so many times while filming those scenes that, none of the other cast members would look me in the eye anymore

Variety / Cheatsheet 

It “doesn’t get any better” than to be a part of a Christopher Guest production.

Her Favorite Projects Were Those With Christopher Guest At The Helm CRACKED.COM Coolidge told The Guardian, It doesn't get any better. They're some of the funniest people in the world, and it's mind-blowing when everyone's improvising. Becoming part of that group was life-changing for me. Coolidge added, What a group. I'm thrilled that Catherine and Eugene have had this incredible success with Schitt's Creek. It's so well-deserved. All that team are so normal and unpretentious. Everyone arrives in their beat-up cars. Eugene is so un-starry, I swear he thinks he's the local dentist or something.

The Guardian / Vulture 

She never had children.

She Never Truly Became A MILF CRACKED.COM Jennifer Coolidge told Buzzfeed that a lot of people refer to her as a MILF because of American Pie. But in actuality, she said, I don't really have any children, I was barren.

Buzzfeed / EW 

She claimed to be “Muffin” Hemingway.

She Used To Pose As Earnest Hemingway's Daughter To Get Into Clubs CRACKED.COM Jennifer Coolidge expanded on this story by telling The Guardian, Yeah, Muffin - the Hemingway daughter who wasn't as well known as Mariel and Margaux. I had these thick black eyebrows and shoulder-length blond hair, so I looked the part. I'd turn up to New York clubs in high heels and a short dress and tell them I was Muffin Hemingway. You wouldn't believe how well it worked. I got a lot of mileage out of that. Until I got kicked out of a few clubs, then it

The Guardian / CBS 

She would give away her money to those that needed it if she were a billionaire.

Her Fallback Career Plans 07 I . 50658372 - 3274 PEEDSENCE 050658349A THE -7 PEDSATES FASTERIC LC50658383A 100 L0506583E 101 FRIDAD E DO L.G. 506 10 G7 100 LG50658383A 100 07 00 FEDERALIZEM CRACKED COM LG5 OLLAHS LEES Jennifer informed US Magazine of her fallback job if acting didn't work out. If I wasn't an actor, I would be a billionaire that gave away money to people and animals that deserved it.

US Magazine / Pexels 

She played one of Jerry’s girlfriends on “Seinfeld.”

Her First Big Role Was On Seinfeld 5A CRACKED.COM You may remember seeing Coolidge's face on the Seinfeld episode, The Masseuse where she played Jodi, the masseuse who didn't like to work off the clock for Jerry. Sadly, while she was filming the episode, her mother was dying of pancreatic cancer. Coolidge says one of her mother's last words were how proud she was that she had made it onto TV.

Vulture / IMDB 

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