Jay Mohr Describes Norm Macdonald’s Best ‘Saturday Night Live’ Joke Rewrite

Jay Mohr Describes Norm Macdonald’s Best ‘Saturday Night Live’ Joke Rewrite

If you ever wondered what a punch-up from Norm Macdonald sounds like, look no further than his fellow Saturday Night Live alum Jay Mohr. The former Last Comic Standing host sat down with Brendan Schaub and Bryan Callen on their podcast The Fighter and the Kid and shared an anecdote about the time Macdonald helped them get to the finish line of a sketch.

Mohr describes the sketch in question as Chris Farley at a drive-thru window ordering quite the meal: “Yeah, I’ll have 14 cheeseburgers and 14 hamburgers, 14 chicken sandwiches, 14 — you know — Diet Cokes and 14 apple pies and 14 french fries.” When the lady at the window asks if that will be all, it was a question that left both Farley’s character and the writers stumped. Or as Mohr described it to his podcast hosts — two hours of “dogs hunting in the wrong direction.” 

One iteration of the sketch’s completion saw Farley saying “no” and repeating the exact same order, while another had Farley making slight modifications to specific items in the order. 

It wasn’t until Macdonald chimed in, to the surprise of Mohr and the writers who didn’t even know he was in the room, that they found their punchline. Macdonald’s contribution? A simple “yes.”


That single syllable sent the room into hysterics, and once again underscored Macdonald’s highly understated persona — and legacy.

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