We Deserve More ‘Home Alone’ As Action Anime

Kevin McCallister should have had flame throwers all along
We Deserve More ‘Home Alone’ As Action Anime

The guys at Cartuna recently reposted their incredible reimagination of Home Alone as an anime. That’s reason enough for celebration, but the real news is that they’re hinting at a sequel. Provided, of course, the animation company gets enough feedback on their Instagram announcement.

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The Macaulay Culkin Christmas classic lends itself perfectly to the strengths of anime, with plucky boy hero Kevin McCallister taking on the organized forces of evil — otherwise known as Harry and Marv. The Cartuna version faithfully recreates much of their epic battle, but instead of Looney Tunes-inspired violence, we get bloody ballet.

All of the characters power up here, enhanced with martial arts skills and borderline supernatural powers that weren’t present in the John Hughes version. Kevin still makes use of ordinary household items like a steam iron and paint cans to defend his castle but his arsenal is expanded — belching flamethrowers descend from secret ceiling panels and creepy robotic spiders do his bidding. 

But the advanced weaponry still isn’t quite enough to take on this version of Harry and Marv, decidedly less goofy and more vicious than the versions portrayed by Daniel Stern and Joe Pesci. Their explosive punches crack the walls, and their leaps crumble the foundation below them. And unlike their movie counterparts, this Harry and Marv actually land brutal blows, sending crimson blood spewing from Kevin’s battered mouth. 

Good thing Old Man Marley and his snow shovel are in this version as well. Anime Marley bursts out of his shirt to reveal abs of steel, Groundskeeper-Willie style, a prelude to a silhouetted battle in which skulls are crushed and spines are snapped. God bless us, everyone!  

We’re not sure what a Part 2 to the Home Alone anime would entail since Marley digs a grave with his snow shovel and buries Harry and Marv for good. Will they reanimate and come back to haunt Kevin? Or, more logically, would the Cartuna cats translate Kevin’s Home Alone 2 adventures in anime style? (We’re praying for yes, especially if they promise to include warped versions of the characters played by Rob Schneider and Donald Trump.)

But that sequel isn’t just going to animate itself. Get on that comments page and start commentin’. And we want to see Anime Kevin burst into flames the next time he slaps aftershave on his cheeks. 

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