Ted Danson Hosted A Reunion Sleepover For ‘The Good Place’

Jameela Jamil, Jason Mendoza, D’Arcy Carden and more had the best forking reunion at Danson’s domain
Ted Danson Hosted A Reunion Sleepover For ‘The Good Place’

Maybe the real Good Place was Ted Danson’s house all along.

Michael Shur’s beloved, feel-good fantasy-comedy series The Good Place may have concluded in January 2020 (just a couple months before the entire world turned into the Bad Place), but the bonds between the principal cast members are still as strong as whatever the heck they make Janets out of. When the series originally wrapped, the creatives who spent four seasons figuring out the hilarious complexities of the afterlife and its philosophical implications celebrated their successful conclusion with a cast sleepover at Danson’s house, with breakout star Manny Jacinto remarking at the time, “It’s kind of like everything you can ask for in a slumber party. I felt like a 10-year-old all over again.”

Well, the man who played the intellectually 10-years-old Jason Mendoza got to feel like a 10-year-old all over again once more when a handful of The Good Place cast and creative team reunited for another sleepover at Danson’s domain, according to a recent Instagram post from Jameela Jamil.

In a cold, inhospitable world, it’s nice to see that the people responsible for finding some warmth in the existential terror of mortality are just as enamored with each other as Good Place fans are with all of them. I just hope that Danson knew to keep Jacinto out of the liquor cabinet — old habits die hard, and there won’t be a third sleepover if a couple Bortles’d Molotov cocktails destroy Danson Manor.

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