There’s A Real-Life Happy Gilmore and Adam Sandler Is Pulling for Him

And he only rarely uses a hockey stick
There’s A Real-Life Happy Gilmore and Adam Sandler Is Pulling for Him

Hey everybody, Happy Gilmore is going to college! And Adam “Get in the hole!” Sandler is right there in the gallery rooting for him.

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Landon “Happy” Gilmore, a high school senior from Indiana, has announced that he’ll play collegiate golf at Ball State. He started swinging in tournaments at age 6, where he inevitably earned his famous nickname. (With the last name of Gilmore, did you think people were going to call him Tiger?) He recently finished seventh at the Indiana high school state tournament, proving that he’s more than a catchy sobriquet.

While Happy’s game is good enough to land him on a college squad — the two-time All-State selection shot a 66 a the U.S. Junior Amateur qualifier — he knows he still has work to do. "No matter where I play at, someone will see my scorecard," Gilmore told Golf Channel earlier this year. "When I shot an 88 at (another) local qualifier, I was really hoping no one would see that. That kind of blew up a little bit. There's good and bad, I guess, but I have a really great attitude, and I don't let anything bother me. Honestly, I love when I go through and read comments of people poking fun.”

On High School Happy’s Twitter bio, he boasts, ‘yes i can do “the happy gilmore” swing…’ He even proves it on his YouTube channel, though we think he could use a little more comic rage.

How is it really done? For that, we'll turn back to Sandler, who proves he can still rip it 25 years after the fact. It's all in the hips.

Not to be outdone, Shooter McGavin knows that it’s all about the short game.

Is there a college equivalent of Shooter McGavin for Landon … er, Happy Gilmore to overcome at Ball State? Time will tell. But in the meantime, the real thing also offers his support. Well, sort of.

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