18 Tweets from the A24 Parody Account That Definitely Seem Real

18 Tweets from the A24 Parody Account That Definitely Seem Real

Thanks to their visually arresting films and offbeat stories, A24 has developed a cult-like following. The company has developed a reputation for being a space for independent auteurs after hitting the scene in 2013 with indie darlings Spring Breakers and The Bling Ring, and has blown up in recent years with a number of critically acclaimed films, including last year’s Everything Everywhere All at Once, which became the most awarded film of all time, winning seven Oscars among its impressive accolades.

Between selling a butt-plug trophy-shaped candle and creating a Twitter account for the insidious, shape-shifting goat at the center of The Witch, A24 is also known for its buzzy marketing tactics and a social media presence that caters to the terminally online. But as with any brand that has a distinguished voice, this very presence has since been parodied by @a24films_ with tweets so insane that they’re almost believable.

The self-described “bootleg account” is run by New York comedian Bryan Yang and riffs on A24’s catalog, pop-culture moments and the latest news in the entertainment industry. Here are just a few of the tweets that A24 will probably acquire the rights to in Zola fashion one day…

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