The Intoxicating Comedy of TikTok’s ‘2 Girls, 1 Bottle’

The Intoxicating Comedy of TikTok’s ‘2 Girls, 1 Bottle’

Sonny and Cher. Abbott and Costello. Thelma and Louise. History has seen its fair share of iconic duos, and now a new pair has entered the fray: Mixie and Munchie, the ladies behind @2girls1bottle on TikTok. The premise is simple: Mixie makes a mixed drink that’s often elaborate or brightly colored, while Munchie sits idly by and eats, all of which is accomplished in complete silence. “Nothing was spoken, but so much was said,” a commenter on one of their early videos opined. 

With nearly 530,000 followers and just over 10 million views across 28 videos, it’s hard to deny their spellbinding appeal. After all, it’s impossible not to laugh as the duo quietly completes their drink-making missions in public. In an age when cooking TikToks often consist of labor-intensive, convoluted theatrics, Mixie and Munchie opt for ease. Better yet, they couldn’t be more warm and welcoming, making us feel very much part of the fun.

The videos also show the girls in a number of different locations and donning various fast-food uniforms. Sure, you could ask yourself “Where did they even get a Domino’s uniform from?” but as another commenter wisely reminded us, “Explanation kills art.”

Equal parts performance art and visual ASMR, they’ve mastered their craft (cocktails) and show no signs of letting up. They’ve even introduced a new character into the Mixie and Munchie Cinematic Universe with Bossman, who understood the assignment and did absolutely nothing while Mixie made her latest concoction. 

Who knows what surprises (and drinks) are in store next.

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