Sarah Silverman Would Do ‘Celebrity Jeopardy’ If the Winnings Didn’t Go to Stupid Charity

Sarah Silverman Would Do ‘Celebrity Jeopardy’ If the Winnings Didn’t Go to Stupid Charity

If those impoverished kids want Sarah Silverman’s hard-earned Jeopardy! winnings so bad, then maybe they should know the capital of Ghana. 

The alt-comedy icon appeared on the most recent episode of the Comedy Bang! Bang! podcast where she revealed that she had the chance to compete on Celebrity Jeopardy! but passed on the opportunity. Despite being a big fan of the program and an at-home player, Silverman said that the stars would shine too bright for her if she were ever asked to step up to the podium once graced by Norm Macdonald in a Burt Reynolds costume.

However, Scott Aukerman discovered that there is one change that the producers of Celebrity Jeopardy! could make to the competition that would entice Silverman enough to get over her stage fright – let her keep the goddamn cash instead of giving it to the needy.

“When are you going to do Celebrity (Who Wants To Be A) Millionaire?, or are you too dumb?” Aukerman asked his guest when the topic of trivia television arose. Silverman replied, “Never! I’m too dumb!”

Silverman revealed that the Celebrity Jeopardy! producers tried to book her for the contest, but she turned it down due to fear of being too dumb. However, Aukerman noted from a recent appearance of the reigning Celebrity Jeopardy! champion Ike Barinholtz that contestants are consulted ahead of time on categories that they would feel comfortable competing in so that the game can be weighed in favor of correct answers. “It’s basically stupid person Jeopardy!” Aukerman said.

“The problem with it is you have to give all the money to charity,” Aukerman hypothesized, revealing how Comedy Bang! Bang! collaborator Lauren Lapkus once won an exorbitant amount of money on Celebrity Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? that made her genuinely jealous of the unhappy lot to whom it would be donated. Aukerman asked Silverman, “If you could actually win money, would you do it?” 

“Of course!” Silverman replied. She might be surprised to learn that there is a show where people answer Jeopardy! questions and do get to keep the winning amount – it’s called Jeopardy!

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