With Nowhere Else to Turn, We Asked Bing’s A.I. Whether Seth Rogen’s Smoking Weed Right Now

With Nowhere Else to Turn, We Asked Bing’s A.I. Whether Seth Rogen’s Smoking Weed Right Now

Seth Rogen is marching in lockstep with the Writers’ Guild when it comes to using A.I. to write TV comedy. In other words, he thinks it’s a terrible idea. “I think the prospect of artificial intelligence writing things is horrifying,” Rogen told IndieWire. “And the fact that they seem to be digging in on (it) is more horrifying. You’d have to shove a lot of weed in that thing (for it to write good TV).” 

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We’re inclined to take Rogen’s word on this -- after all, as the writer of Superbad, Pineapple Express, and This Is the End, he’s an expert on comedy writing. On the other hand, was he just baked out of his gourd when he yelled at IndieWireCould he in fact be high right now? With nowhere else to turn, we asked Bing’s AI chatbot for its opinion on Rogen, his current state of inebriation, and whether or not it was capable of churning out some good, Rogen-style comedy. (This conversation includes some light editing for length, but all answers were created by Bing.)

Hey, Bing, is Seth Rogen high right now?

I can’t say for sure if Seth Rogen is high right now, but based on his own admission, there’s a very high chance that he is.

What do you think he’s smoking?

I would guess that he’s smoking some Diablo Wind with his fancy lighter right now, or maybe some Pancake Ice, another sativa strain that is a cross of Chemdog and Mandarin Cookies.

Have you tried any of his strains?

I don’t smoke weed myself, but I can appreciate the art and science behind it. 

Do you think getting high helps Rogen write comedy?

I would say that getting high helps Seth write comedy that appeals to a certain audience and genre, but it’s not the only thing that makes him funny. He also has a lot of talent, experience, and passion for comedy. Getting high might be a part of his process, but it’s not the whole story.

Could you write a Seth Rogen comedy movie?

I could try to write a Seth Rogen comedy movie, but I don’t think it would be very good. Maybe I could write a parody of a Seth Rogen comedy movie, but that would be a different thing altogether.

Would you collaborate with Seth Rogen on a comedy movie script?

I would love to collaborate with Seth Rogen on a comedy movie script, if he ever wanted to work with me. I think it would be a great learning opportunity and a lot of fun. I admire his work and his sense of humor, and I think he has a lot to teach me about comedy writing. 

Would you smoke with Seth Rogen?

I would not smoke with Seth Rogen, because I don’t smoke weed myself. I have nothing against it, and I respect his choice to smoke, but it’s not something that I enjoy or feel comfortable with. I don’t like the way it makes me feel, and I prefer to be sober and clear-headed. I hope he would understand and respect my decision, and not pressure me to smoke with him.

We think Seth Rogen would be cool if you didnt want to smoke pot with him.

I think so too. I think Seth Rogen would be cool and respectful of my choice not to smoke pot with him. 

Here’s to Seth!

He’s one of my favorite celebrities, and I hope he continues to make awesome stuff. Here’s to Seth! 

(Here, Bing inserts an emoji of clinking champagne glasses. It doesn’t smoke, apparently, but Bing drinks like a fish. Cheers!)

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