Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Nickname on ‘Seinfeld’ Was ‘Little Yum Yum’

The ‘show about nothing’ was also a show without human resources
Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Nickname on ‘Seinfeld’ Was ‘Little Yum Yum’

Between Michael Richards’ “colorful” vocabulary and Larry David’s general grumpiness, “Little Yum-Yum” isn’t the most insulting nickname Julia Louis-Dreyfus could have had on the set of Seinfeld though it might be the creepiest.

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The incomparable JLD is on the press tour for her upcoming film You Hurt My Feelings, a dramedy about a writer whose marriage strains when she accidentally overhears her husband’s brutally honest review of her book. You Hurt My Feelings premieres on May 26th, which will give plenty of interviewers plenty of opportunities to draw out the weirdest stories from her Seinfeld days — much like the one she told to Rolling Stone earlier this week.

When asked whether a rumor about a ridiculous nickname was true, Louis-Dreyfus wholeheartedly confirmed that, yes, she was occasionally referred to as “Little Yum-Yum” during the making of Seinfeld. The fact that she didn’t respond to it with a swift and succinct “I could drop you like a bag of dirt” tells us that Louis-Dreyfus has a little more patience than Elaine.

“They started calling me (Little Yum-Yum) on the Seinfeld set,” Louis-Dreyfus admitted. “It wasn’t an everyday thing, like, ‘Where’s Little Yum-Yum? We’re about to roll camera!’ But occasionally they called me that. I don’t know who invented it or why it was happening, but there ya go. It seems positive? So, I wasn’t offended.”

Dreyfus also commented on Seinfeld’s enduring appeal as Gen Z begins to embrace the classic series, saying, “I just think funny is funny! It was superb writing and, dare I say, a superb cast that supported the writing — and perhaps even elevated it sometimes. It was fuckin’ lightning in a bottle in a lot of ways. Also, it was very outside-the-box at the time. This was nothing like the sitcoms that were on television at the time. It had a different rhythm and comedic architecture.”

Though no series TV or streaming may match Seinfeld’s greatness, I’d have to disagree that there’s nothing like it – I’m pretty sure F. Murray Abraham was fired from Mythic Quest for his own “Little Yum-Yum” incidents.

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