Get a Load of This Supercut of Optimus Prime Saying He Can’t Stop Coming

It’s over for the Decepticomes
Get a Load of This Supercut of Optimus Prime Saying He Can’t Stop Coming

In the 2007 epic war drama Transformers, shortly before beating the Decepticons and saving the human species from disaster, the great Optimus Prime uttered the immortal words, “Freedom is the right of all sentient beings.” Also in the words of the Autobot hero, “Come.”

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It’s clear that a franchise has reached its climax when the memes created about it are barely attached to the source material, let alone any tenuous grasp on reality. Shrek saw an online explosion of “It’s All Ogre Now” memes shortly after Shrek: The Musical took Broadway by storm and the first Puss in Boots spinoff film hit theaters. When a beloved media property has been around long enough and penetrated so many corners of our culture, inevitably, the internet will bust out some content that perverts the source material for the sick satisfaction of online degenerates. With the seventh installment of the Transformers film series set to release next month with Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, perhaps Michael Bay’s flagship series’ day of meme reckoning has come.

No more beating around the bush – here’s the full release of every time Optimus Prime couldn’t stop talking about coming.

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