17 of the Funniest Fake Guests at the Met Gala

Shitposters exercised their Photoshop skills to bring these guests to the Met Gala last night
17 of the Funniest Fake Guests at the Met Gala

The first Monday of May is a high holy day for the fashion world and entertainment industry at large. It marks the opening of the Costume Institute’s annual fashion exhibit hosted at the Metropolitan Museum of Art with a fundraiser coinciding with the theme. In years past we’ve seen guests gravely misunderstand the concept of “camp” or honor storied designers like Yves Saint Laurent and Alexander McQueen. This year’s exhibit called on guests to pay homage to the late Karl Lagerfeld.

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It’s also a sacred day for shitposters to embrace the tradition of bringing their own guests to the carpeted stairs of the Met through the power of Photoshop. These “guests” range from pop-culture references of the moment to beloved cartoon characters, and of course, without fail, Jason Derulo taking yet another tumble

Here are some of the guests that Anna Wintour should consider inviting next year…

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