Going on Vacation With James Corden Inspired Adele to Write ‘I Drink Wine’

Corden made another woman cry while she was just trying to do a job
Going on Vacation With James Corden Inspired Adele to Write ‘I Drink Wine’

When Adele first appeared on The Late Late Show’s “Carpool Karaoke” segment in 2016, the video became the biggest viral YouTube hit of the year with a whopping 235 million views, firmly planting the segment — and Corden — in the middle of the celebrity media zeitgeist. When Adele appeared on the last ever “Carpool Karaoke,” released yesterday, it marked an equally exciting milestone — the beginning of the end of James Corden and The Late Late Show.

The Late Late Show’s last week leading up to its finale this Thursday features a murderer’s row of top A-listers coming to pay homage to the late-night star who modernized the medium with a clippy, clickable celebration of all things pop culture. Adele, the superstar singer and most melodic ex-girlfriend, is a fitting first guest for the farewell tour, given her important role in the rise of Corden’s Late Late Show as well as the pair’s close personal relationship.

During the segment, Adele detailed an impactful moment in her and Corden’s friendship when she revealed how an emotional conversation between the two during a joint-family holiday inspired her recent single “I Drink Wine,” a story that brought both the guest and host to tears. The touching anecdote shows a rare glimpse into Corden’s humanity — and it’s a rare instance of Corden making someone who isn’t a waiter cry. 

The story and the waterworks both start around the 9:55 mark.

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