Italian Comedian Taste-Tests Paris’ Best Croissants in the Middle of a Riot

Luis Sal ranks the top five croissants in Paris while actual Parisians put their riot police to the test
Italian Comedian Taste-Tests Paris’ Best Croissants in the Middle of a Riot

There are two things that seemingly everyone loves about the French: their protests and their patisseries. This genius put them together.

Luis Sal is one of Italy’s premier content creators, boasting millions of followers across his many social media accounts. The stand-up comedian/actor/videographer is also an avid traveler, and his most recent trip to the land of ratatouille and riots coincided with ongoing protests organized by French labor unions over their government’s decision to overhaul the national pension system and raise the legal retirement age by two years.

Sal arrived at the French capital city with a mission: to taste each of the top five highest-rated croissants in Paris and compare their quality. The picket line could not stop Sal from achieving his goal — only the bread line could do that.

Sadly, Sal was unable to taste every croissant on his list, as one of the five boulangeries was fresh out of their country’s most iconic crescent roll by the time Sal arrived. The long line wrapped around the block suggests that the Cédric Grolet Opéra’s croissant could very well have been the best of the bunch, but, tragically, Sal will never know for sure — that is, until he returns to France the next time their government steps out of line.

If you ever find yourself tip-toeing over tear gas canisters in the streets of Paris, find your way to Du Pain et des Idées and grab a croissant. We hear it pairs well with pepper spray.

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