James Acaster Is Crashing Ticketing Websites Like Taylor Swift

Tickets to Acaster's U.K. tour are harder to come by than Swift songs that aren't about an ex-boyfriend
James Acaster Is Crashing Ticketing Websites Like Taylor Swift

If James Acaster causes members of the British Parliament to recite his bits during a hearing with the English equivalent of Ticketmaster, then comedy will truly have found its answer to Taylor Swift.

Much like the pop superstar, Acaster accidentally caused a controversy over his upcoming tour “Hecklers Welcome” as fans crashed multiple ticketing websites in the mad dash to secure seats for the now-sold-out shows. The tour will mark the 38-year-old comedian’s return to stand-up following a mental health hiatus, during which many fans speculated that Acaster would leave his comedy career behind for good.

Acaster’s first U.K. tour since 2019 is not only the beginning of his Acastaissance – it’s the hottest ticket in the country. “Why is it harder to get James Acaster tickets than it is to get Glastonbury tickets?” one fan wondered as Acasterbators railed against the crashing and error-ridden ticket hubs – now they’ve got bad blood.

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