Jennifer Aniston Is No Fan of Sandlercore

The ‘Friends’ star snapped at Adam Sandler for showing up to the ‘Murder Mystery 2’ premiere in a hoodie
Jennifer Aniston Is No Fan of Sandlercore

In 2021, the fashion institution Vogue dubbed Adam Sandler the year’s “fashion icon,” calling him a “fashion antihero” for blazing the basketball shorts-wearing trails of “Sandlercore.” The magazine argued that Sandler’s visible hatred for haute couture represented an important artistic movement in the fashion world, and that the comedian popularized a clothing ethos through which a hoodie and flip flops have become acceptable red-carpet attire. Jennifer Aniston disagrees.

The on-screen power couple recently reunited for the upcoming film Murder Mystery 2. As such, Aniston and Sandler have appeared at numerous swanky events and occasions wherein Aniston dresses to the nines in her usual upscale garb, while Sandler rolls out of bed and puts on a (probably) clean T-shirt. Aniston apparently had enough of Sandler’s sweatshirts and sandals at the premiere for their film earlier this week, which led to to a red-carpet screaming match:

Even the most comfortably dressed among us must understand some part of Aniston’s frustration — as the reigning romantic leading lady of the last three decades, the Friends star is expected to show out every time she leaves the house, lest the insufferable fashion blogs catch her in sweats and tank her image. Sandler, on the other hand, prefers the cover of AARP Magazine to the front page of Harper’s Bazaar, and, as such, shows up to A-list entertainment events dressed like a 68-year-old retiree going out to collect the mail at his condo in Florida.

The red-carpet clash clearly had some lead-up — last week, Aniston went on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and explicitly called out her co-star for his slobbish style. Aniston described a fancy dinner the two attended in Italy during the shooting of the first Murder Mystery, noting how Sandler’s wife Jackie showed up in impeccable attire that was fitting for the formal occasion. Astoundingly, Sandler himself showed up in “satin basketball shorts” and a “turquoise velour IZOD” sweatshirt, the height of high Sandlercore. 

Vogue did this,” Aniston lamented. “He said, ‘Vogue said I look amazing like this!’ Thanks, Vogue!”

As someone who just learned that he’s been accidentally engaging in Sandlercore for years, I have some advice for Aniston — there’s no magazine cover in the world that’s more comfortable than a pair of sweatpants.

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