Get 2 Months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for Just 10 Bucks

Get 2 Months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for Just 10 Bucks

Gaming today is not quite like the days of yore when you plugged in your GameCube and played Super Mario Strikers with three of your friends while three other friends patiently waited their turn to play next. Gaming isn’t so contained and limited as that anymore, with consoles giving you the opportunity to play with millions of people around the globe while nobody has to wait.

So, if you’re an Xbox person, why wouldn’t you want Xbox Game Pass Ultimate? Not only does Ultimate give you access to the world’s most advanced online console multiplayer network with millions of other gamers, but it also provides free games every month and discounts of up to 50 percent off in the Xbox Store. And that’s just the Xbox Live Gold benefits that come with it. With Ultimate, you’ll also be able to play more than 100 games (with more added every day) on console, PC, mobile, devices and tablets for a single monthly price and get access to Xbox Game Studios titles the day they release. You’ll get free perks in the forms of in-game content and partner offers and get even more discounts and deals than those regular ol’ Gold members.

Plus, you’ll get an EA Play membership at no additional cost, giving you instant access to a collection of EA’s most-loved series and top titles, exclusive in-game challenges and rewards, special member-only content and free trials of select games. It’s the most comprehensive gaming pass you’ll find on the web, which means you should take advantage of this limited-time offer if you’re a serious gamer.

Don’t game without your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. For a limited time, you can get your first two months for 66 percent off $29 at just $9.99.

Prices subject to change

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