47 of the Best Charlie Day Moments on His 47th Birthday

47 of the Best Charlie Day Moments on His 47th Birthday

Charlie Day is — and has been — many things. But his magnum opus will always be playing the illiterate, hot-tempered, paint-huffing, bird law expert Charlie Kelly on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. And because his 47th birthday is now upon us, today is as good as any to share our favorite moments of him as that infamous version of himself — as well as a few other choice selections from his non-It’s Always Sunny… body of work. Let’s blow out the candles, and roll the tape…

The Side Effects of Cheap Steroids


From Preacher to God Complex in Record Time

King of the Rats

Kitten Mittens

A Pretty Woman?

Going America All Over Everybody’s Ass

Stealing ‘Monsters University’

The Voice of Reason?

‘What’s With the Choppin’, Dude?

Medical Guinea Pig

A Very Sunny Christmas

Cat Behavioral Expert

His Bedtime Routine

German Art

Drinking Bleach

Hosting ‘Saturday Night Live’

Hitting the Jersey Shore

‘Go Fuck Yourself’

A Breakthrough in Therapy

A Misbegotten Proposal

Attacking Kevin Spacey Before It Was in Vogue

The Ultimate ‘Hold-My-Beer’ Champ

Butt Dance Break

‘That’s Baseball, Baby!’

Summing Up the Job Market

Practicing Bird Law

Putting Way Too Much Thought into Cannibalism

Solving the Gas Crisis

Trying to Get Out of Fighting Ice Cube

Valentine’s Day Tapeworms

Spoofing ‘Home Alone’

Spray Paint as Muse

Some Drunk History


First-Date Disasters

Huffing Turpentine and Dancing

‘Pacific Rim’ Shots

A Dance-Off

Green Man

Dental Issues

The Ultimate Competitor

A Little Dolph Lundgren Appreciation

Lost in Space

Eating Literally Anything

Infamous Conspiracy Theories

Denim Chicken

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