Tim Heidecker Cuts Ties With Andrew Callaghan of ‘Channel 5’

Tim Heidecker Cuts Ties With Andrew Callaghan of ‘Channel 5’

Amid mounting accusations of sexual misconduct against “All Gas No Breaks” and “Channel 5” founder Andrew Callaghan, Tim Heidecker, co-creator of Tim & Eric and co-owner of one of the production companies behind Callaghan’s January 6 documentary This Place Rules, has publicly severed all ties with the guerilla journalist.

In yesterday’s episode of Heidecker’s podcast, Office Hours, the veteran comedian, writer, director and producer told followers that he has “no plans” to continue working with Callaghan following the accusations against the documentarian that have surfaced in recent days on social media platforms. Two women have come forward and claimed that Callaghan pressured them into engaging in unwanted sexual activities and ignored their explicit refusals of his advances.

On Office Hours, Heidecker apologized for not commenting on the allegations against his former associate sooner, saying, “We didn’t want to just rush out and say something that felt insincere or a ‘crisis person told us what to say’ kind of thing. I don’t think that’s helpful.” Heidecker’s production company, Abso Lutely Productions, which he co-founded with collaborators Eric Wareheim and Dave Kneebone, first began their partnership with Callaghan in May 2020 in an effort to develop a television series based on his former YouTube channel, “All Gas No Breaks.” Abso Lutely was one of the production companies behind Callaghan’s This Place Rules, which premiered on HBO Max this past December.

Heidecker plainly stated on Office Hours, “We have no professional relationship with Andrew at this time and have no plans going forward to have any relationship with him.” Said Heidecker of the individuals accusing Callaghan of misconduct, “We believe these women that came forward and, of course, totally condemn the type of behavior that Andrew’s being accused of. I believe it’s up to Andrew to address these allegations and do so openly and honestly. And I really hope he does do that as soon as possible.”

A legal representative for Callaghan has addressed the allegations on his behalf, telling TMZ, “Andrew is devastated that he is being accused of any type of physical or mental coercion against anyone. Conversations about pressure and consent are extremely important and Andrew wants to have these conversations, so he can continue to learn and grow." The representative also accused one of the women who stepped forward of demanding money from Callaghan shortly before going public with the allegations, saying, "While every dynamic is open to interpretation and proper communication is critical from all those involved, repeated requests for money should not be part of these conversations."

No legal action has been taken by any party involved, and neither HBO Max nor their parent company, Warner Bros. Discovery, have publicly commented on the allegations.

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