The 'Dragon Ball' Manga Is Turning Into A Rom-Com

'Dragon Ball Super' has already begun to roll out a romantic/comedic arc between Trunks and Mai
The 'Dragon Ball' Manga Is Turning Into A Rom-Com

The phrase “Dragon Ball Romantic Comedy” sounds like something thought up by the writers of Saturday Night Live, not an actual planned tonal shift for one of the most important franchises in manga history.

Toyotarou, the co-author and illustrator of Dragon Ball Super, confirmed on the official Dragon Ball website that the sequel series to the massively influential manga Dragon Ball will delve into territory long thought untouchable by the supercharged franchise that popularized Shōnen manga across the globe – the latest arc in Dragon Ball Super has introduced romantic comedy elements into the universe that is mostly known for muscle-bound aliens training, fighting and staring at each other in stillness for uncomfortable amounts of time.

Dragon Ball Super will explore a budding romance between Dragon Ball mainstays Trunks and Mai through comedic moments in a genre crossover that we’re dubbing “When When Harry Met Sally Met Dragon Ball.”

Toei Animation

We hear Billy Cristal has a killer Kamehameha

The newest arc of Dragon Ball Super focuses on the adolescent Trunks and Goten as they develop into heroes, and Trunks’ relationship with a young Mai has already begun to be played for comedic purposes as he struggles to confess his affections. Fans of Dragon Ball Super have apparently responded well to the tonal shift thus far, and the slice-of-life adventures of the young protagonists has been welcomed as a pleasant change of pace from the aforementioned fighting and staring.

Toyotarou, who has worked on the franchise since 2012, took credit for the rom-com additions to the Dragon Ball universe as he seeks to balance out the interplanetary existential battles with more grounded, personal stories that show the Saiyans with their guards down. Romance has finally made it to Dragon Ball, and it seems to be here to stay.

It’s only fair for rom-coms to start adding Dragon Ball elements in response – maybe more people would have watched Bros if Billy Eichner threw in a couple Spirit Bombs.

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