Order by December 8 to Beat Amazon's Price On The 2 Million Dollar Puzzle

Order by December 8 to Beat Amazon's Price On The 2 Million Dollar Puzzle

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A scratcher is a tried-and-true stocking stuffer. It's a fun, low-stakes way to introduce children and adults alike to legal gambling, and who knows? Maybe they'll give you a cut if they win big. But they're a fleeting joy -- you'll find out your winnings in less than a minute -- so if you want to really turn the holiday season into a sustained frenzy of manual activity and speculation, give that special someone The 2 Million Dollar Puzzle, a unique jigsaw puzzle with a potentially big payout.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 in our store, this fun puzzle is the next edition of the street art collective MSCHF's One Million Dollar Puzzle. While the previous iteration had one grand prize, this one has two, and it's part of our Last Chance Shipping collection. That means you can get it for just $19.99 -- better than Amazon's price -- and lock in free shipping that will arrive by Christmas (so long as you order before December 8, so get on it).

The rules of this jigsaw puzzle are pretty simple: Complete the 500-piece puzzle (which -- spoiler alert -- assembles into a giant QR code), scan the code, head to the redemption page, and follow the instructions to find out how much you won. While there are only two grand prizes, every single puzzle is a winner. That means you'll win at least a buck, but you might also win $100 or $1,000. It's the most fun way to spend quality time together trying to make money this holiday season, unless you own, like, a Christmas tree farm. Those look fun as hell.

Build a puzzle, win some money! You can still lock in free shipping on The 2 Million Dollar Puzzle. Get it now for $19.99 or 33% off -- no coupon necessary. If you want more chances to win, you can get two puzzles for $39.99 or four puzzles for just $79.99.

Prices subject to change.

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