You Can Still Get This E-Bike For A Cyber Monday Price

You Can Still Get This E-Bike For A Cyber Monday Price

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year -- to splurge! That’s right: We’re talking about Cyber Monday, not any particular religious festival. “But wait,” you may be thinking, intrepid calendar reader that you are. “It’s Tuesday! And not even an especially cyber one!”

That’s true! We’re extending Cyber Monday through November 30 because we don’t respect the laws of time and space. We have even more price drops available now, including a serious splurge that will carry its weight in gold if you're a gas-guzzling car driver who wants to stop giving the planet Death By 1,000 Cuts. Through November 30 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific, you can get the BirdBike A-Frame eBike for 61% off at just $899.99.

This electric bike combines the best features of commuter bikes, mountain bikes, and other e-bikes to give you the best riding experience possible. With a 500W motor, it runs efficiently even at top speeds while the instant boost gives you the power you need to climb hills and zip along effortlessly like a swan gliding over a peaceful lake (but, like, a really cool swan). If you're in an area with not-so-great roads, the high-performance Carbon Drive Train will help you manage tough obstacles and eliminate the need for chain maintenance.

BirdBike's 36V/12.8Ah removable battery is easy to remove for charging but can also be charged while still on the e-bike. BirdBike also gives you an embedded dash display to show you speed, distance, pedal assist mode, battery life, and more. Plus, there's even a fully-integrated alarm system with a 120-decibel alarm sound, so thieves will think twice about making off with your ride if they value their eardrums.

This extended Cyber Monday isn't gonna last forever, y'all. If you were looking for a splurge, this is it. Grab the BirdBike A-Frame eBike for 61% off at just $899.99 before the price goes up after November 30.

Prices subject to change.

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