Funniest Deleted Scenes In Comedies, Ranked

In which Barb and Star come up with the most colorful ways to spell their names.
Funniest Deleted Scenes In Comedies, Ranked

Sometimes, great scenes need to be chopped because as much as directors would like the world to see their six-hour film footage they so lovingly shot, no one’s going to want to watch that. Unless, of course, those movies were made up of moments like the ones in this list. From Paul Rudd playing the most unlikely Paul Rudd sport, to Pedro Pascal being the most Pedro Pascal he can possibly be — these are some of the funniest gags and scenes that didn't make the final theatrical cut.

I Love You, Man

Did you know that there was almost a scene in the movie where Paul Rudd learns to make friends (sort of) that featured him playing, of all things, rugby? Yeah, they shot it and everything, and not only does he look kinda ridiculous throwing that ball around, but his face when the coach says “cauliflower ears” is pretty funny, too.


So not only was this a cut scene but it was also an alternative (and arguably better) ending than the one we got. To jog your memory: The movie ends with Amy Schumer’s character, also Amy, sobering up, shooting her shot by taking her article about Aaron to Vanity Fair, and then performing a cheerleader dance for Aaron to show him that she can totally do stuff she doesn’t really like or whatever. They kiss, the end. It's an underwhelming ending to an otherwise entertaining movie.

The deleted scene would’ve worked great, because not only does it give us more of that Schumer wit, but it also speaks to the fact that old habits die hard, and her character isn’t just magically all better now. Also, it’s just a funnier ending.

Scary Movie

The funny part isn’t the treadmill gag that sees Carmen Electra stop mid-flight to get in some proper cardio — it’s seeing Ghostface do the same, and failing miserably. Go figure, since the slasher who looks like a melting candle is, by far, the clumsiest villain we’ve ever seen.

Blades of Glory

In typical Will Ferrell/Jon Heder fashion, this deleted scene was so bad it’s good as the two treat us to a terrible song but sung with such commitment.

What We Do In The Shadows

The 2014 film had many great comedy moments, making it easier to see why this one — in which Viago and Deacon discuss everything from genitalia to dating older people while being of an ancient age themselves — was cut. Still a good one, though.

The Birdcage

Why anyone would cut a scene that starts off with Nathan Lane giving that little shriek of his is beyond us. On top of that, we fail to see why any scene showcasing the wonderful chemistry between Lane and Robin Williams should end up on the cutting room floor. We could watch hours of footage like this.

Hot Rod

According to the DVD commentary, this scene very nearly made the cut (it had a score to it and everything). It’s a shame, really, because Rod’s enactment of his dream jump quickly escalates in a hysterical fashion.

Planes, Trains And Automobiles

Arguably more delightful than side clutchingly funny, this is yet another fantastic scene illustrating the great talent of John Candy as his character, Del, manages to ruin everyone’s airplane dinner in the most understated way possible. At least he doesn’t mind sharing.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Cut from the theatrical release but included in the DVD, at least, this scene has everything: Yoga-shaming, fans being cringe toward famous people, and a big guy like Jason Segel doing a headstand, “motherf**ker!”

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby 

It boggles the mind how actress Leslie Bibb — who plays Ricky’s wife Carly in this movie about NASCAR and how not to raise children —didn’t get to be in more big comedies after her hilarious portrayal in Talladega Nights. Just watch this scene, which is a total mess but in a funny way, and tell us her lines would not have been among those most quoted from this movie.

Barb And Star Go To Vista Del Mar

In which Barb and Star come up with the most colorful ways to spell their names. Much like Nathan Lane and Robin Williams in The Birdcage, we can watch these two go on forever.

The Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent

The best comedies might just be those in which two actors vibe so swimmingly that you can’t imagine anyone else taking up one of their spots. It really is all about chemistry, and there are buckets to be found between Nicolas Cage and Pedro Pascal in this movie, where they drive around a lot. Everything about this deleted scene is pure perfection.

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