Black Friday Came Early and These Noise-Canceling Earbuds Rock

Black Friday Came Early and These Noise-Canceling Earbuds Rock

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Whether you’re at the store, on the bus, or packed nose to nose in an elevator, you can probably find someone using wireless earbuds to blissfully tune out the world around them. After all, why listen to horns blaring and strangers chewing when you could be listening to a podcast about movies you’ve never seen?

As many reasons as there are to drown out the world in sick tunes, how you do it matters. Those ratty old metal-and-foam headbands from 1998 aren’t going to cut it, so let JBL Live Free Noise Canceling Earbuds help you control the volume of the world. Normally, they’d cost $149, but the Black Friday price dropped early, so they’re only $49.99. 

Don’t let their powerful noise-canceling properties fool you -- if you want to keep up your situational awareness, these earbuds have a smart ambient feature that lets some sound through. That’s probably a good idea if you’re walking in a busy area or exercising, which you can totally do because they’re sweatproof and waterproof. Go ahead, pour a bucket of Gatorade over your head like you’re in your own personal sports movie. Make sure you’re blaring the jock jams while you do it.

You don’t have to worry about them falling out during your Rocky routine, either. They come with three ear tip sizes and two gel sleeves, so they’ll be as snug and comfy as anything in your ear can be. And if you run through the whole seven-hour battery life, just pop them back in the charger case for a little while. It’s equipped to recharge them twice for up to 14 more hours of retreating into your own little audio world. 

Don’t wait for Black Friday, because we might not have them anymore. Get a pair of JBL Live Free NC+ Wireless Earbuds for $49.99 (reg. $149). No code needed! Just click your way to a better aural life.

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