The Funniest Non-Bond Roles From The Men Who Played Bond

They have a license to kill … with laughter.
The Funniest Non-Bond Roles From The Men Who Played Bond

Apart from the occasional terrible pun or clown-based disguise, James Bond isn’t an overtly comedic character – but even so, a number of actors who have played 007 over the years also tested out their comic chops in more humorous roles such as …

Sean Connery - The Avengers

Sean Connery didn’t do a ton of comedies, although he is often very funny in movies like Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and The Rock. Perhaps his most unabashedly silly moment in Connery’s filmography, though, is in The Avengers – as in the notoriously disastrous ‘90s reboot of the classic TV show, not that other one everybody likes. Connery plays the mad scientist villain, Sir August de Wynter, and in one particularly memorable scene, gets to address a room full of people disguised in teddy bear costumes. Connery’s dead-pan self-seriousness in what otherwise looks like a meeting of sentient Build-A-Bear toys is what makes it so funny.

George Lazenby - Kentucky Fried Movie

The one-time Bond, who starred in the underrated On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, George Lazenby made a brief appearance in the sketch comedy film Kentucky Fried Movie, written by the team of Abrahams and the Zucker bros. later of Airplane! fame. Lazenby appears in a faux movie trailer for the disaster flick That’s Armageddon, which requires him to perform an emotional romantic scene, seemingly oblivious to the fiery debris perilously falling all around him.  

Roger Moore - The Cannonball Run

The Cannonball Run may not play to modern audiences the way it did to people in the ‘80s, back when Burt Reynolds’ mustache and cocaine reigned supreme – but Roger Moore does some good work parodying his Bond image while still smack in the middle of his Bond years. In a meta twist, Moore plays a rich guy who believes that he’s Roger Moore, even carrying around a fake gun and driving an Aston Martin. 

Timothy Dalton - Hot Fuzz

Timothy Dalton is a goddamn delight as the unnecessarily suspicious grocery store manager Simon Skinner. Come for that one meme-worthy shot of Dalton smiling in front of his own also-smiling photograph, stay for the way he intones: “Here come the fuzz.”

Pierce Brosnan - Mrs. Doubtfire

While the hands-down funniest movie Pierce Brosnan has ever been in is probably Die Another Day, he did famously appear in the beloved family comedy Mrs. Doubtfire. Sure, Brosnan’s laid-back performance is easy to overlook next to the comedic powerhouse that is Robin Williams – but where would the movie be without his subtle “Should I say something?” reactions to situations such as the “run by fruiting.”

Daniel Craig - Logan Lucky

Despite the fact that he probably should have just been a character actor who does new outlandish accents for each role rather than an action star, Daniel Craig, of course, became a household name playing James Bond. But that didn’t stop him from later showing up in, and arguably stealing, movies like Steven Soderbergh’s Logan Lucky, in which he plays a bleached-blonde safe-cracker named Bang, Joe Bang. 

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