Everything Is More Expensive RN, Which Is Why You Need Sam's Club

It's time for you to win one.
Everything Is More Expensive RN, Which Is Why You Need Sam's Club

This piece was written by the Cracked Shop to tell you about products that are being sold there.

Things are, uh, not great in the old economy there these days. The stock market is getting killed, inflation is running out of control, interest rates are through the roof -- it really seems like everywhere you look, the macroeconomic forces that have a stupid amount of bearing on your life are being real jerks.

It's time for you to win one. During November, you can actually win a lot, because we're releasing tons of Black Friday deals early. Every Friday, you can lock in a new deal, so long as you act fast, because there's a limited supply on all of them. Today is a special deal because it's one that will keep on giving throughout the year.

With a Sam's Club membership, you'll be able to kick inflation in the teeth by saving through their warehouse club model. Sam's Club's limited-item business model allows you to buy products at a value you won't find at your standard Wegman's or Best Buy.

From groceries and office supplies to electronics, furniture, and more, Sam's Club helps you save on your daily needs as well as those unplanned purchases. Through this offer, you'll also get a complimentary household card to help you secure even more savings on already low-priced items. Plus, Sam's Club offers discounts on hotels, rental cars, live events, attractions, movies, and more so you can feel good about enjoying life. Sure, there’s no ethical consumption under capitalism, but doesn’t it entitle you to a little break?

This month, every Friday is Black Friday, so take advantage while you can. Right now, you can get a one-year Sam's Club membership for the Black Friday price of $24.99 -- that's half off.

Prices subject to change.

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