Whitney Cummings Started an OnlyFans That's Only for Dirty Jokes

Said the '2 Broke Girls' creator, "Instead of dirty photos, you're gonna see dirty jokes."
Whitney Cummings Started an OnlyFans That's Only for Dirty Jokes

Whitney Cummings has started an OnlyFans account, but despite her surname, it has absolutely nothing to do with porn. The 2 Broke Girls co-creator has begun to charge a $10/month subscription fee for fans to hear her raunchiest, most incendiary, and most experimental bits that, much like porn, can’t be shared on Instagram. 

In an interview with Variety, Cummings revealed that she will be partnering with the platform’s streaming app, OFTV, to create a new show titled Unfiltered Original Roast Series, which, as the name suggests, will feature a no-holds-barred barbecue of a new guest of honor in each episode, starting with Cummings herself. Apparently, the higher ups at OnlyFans thought that their platform needed more degradation. 

To be perfectly clear, neither Cummings nor any of her guests will ever appear nude on the channel. Said Cummings, “I wouldn’t have the self-esteem to charge people to see my naked body … Instead of dirty photos, you’re gonna see dirty jokes.” While Cummings hopes that her channel will be as filthy, racy, and uninhibited as the rest of the content on the site, she’s looking to scratch a different itch.

“I know people like to make fun of (OnlyFans) because there are naked ladies on there… I just decided, if the audience is going here, as a comedian there’s something worth checking out here,” Cummings continued about the unorthodox move. Though it seems like every comedian has a Patreon for harvesting that sweet, reliable subscription fee from their most die-hard fans, Cummings believes that associating with a platform more known for porn than for punchlines is a better branding move for what she’s trying to do with Unfiltered Original Roast Series.

Cummings said of her inspiration for joining OnlyFans, “If it’s good enough for Cardi B, it’s good enough for me. She has a very good business brand.” The rapper reportedly earns over $10 million per month from her OnlyFans subscriptions, making Cardi B one of the sites most profitable creators.

The migration of mainstream entertainers to the OnlyFans platform is not one that has always been received well by the majority of the site's content creators – when actress Bella Thorne announced her OnlyFans account, she broke site records with over $1 million in subscriptions in just the first 24 hours. However, after OnlyFans made sweeping changes to the rules of the platform in response to burgeoning controversy surrounding the actual content on Thorne’s account, many sex workers whose livelihoods depended on their OnlyFans revenue accused Thorne of gentrifying the platform and exploiting it for her own gain at the expense of the creators who were already invested in the space.

Cummings’ emergence onto the OnlyFans scene is a different story, however – Cummings has been upfront about the nature of her content, and she’s made it clear that she’s not there to compete with the more “traditional” accounts on the platform. Cummings simply wants to create a space free from the demonetization and censorship of platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram for her and her staff of scorching roast writers to dismantle each new guest on Unfiltered Original Roast Series, starting with Cummings herself.

As Cummings says, her style of comedy deserves to be on a platform “where people can take a joke and a d—.”

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