We Asked Vegas Oddsmakers Whether or Not ‘Halloween Ends’ is Really the End of the Franchise

We Asked Vegas Oddsmakers Whether or Not ‘Halloween Ends’ is Really the End of the Franchise

Over the past 44 years, Michael Myers has been shot to death, stabbed to death, burned alive, blown up, hanged, electrocuted and beheaded, and yet, somehow, they just keep on making more Halloween movies. Yeah, I know, Halloween Ends was part of a new trilogy that retconned most of that other nonsense, but I’m still having trouble believing that Halloween Ends is somehow the “end” of this franchise. In fact, I’d be willing to put money down to say that it isn’t.

That’s why I’ve reached out to a handful of Vegas oddsmakers to get the odds on whether or not we’ve truly seen the last of these movies. While all of these guys were careful to say they’re not officially taking action on this movie, two of them weren’t so careful with the spoilers, so if you haven’t seen Halloween Ends yet, avoid the last entry here. 

Besides that, here are the odds on whether or not we’re truly done with Halloween movies.

Halloween Ends

Miramax/Blumhouse Productions

Scream your bets, people.

Johnny Avello, director of sportsbook operations at DraftKings: We’re not taking odds on this, but I don’t think Halloween Ends is the last movie in the Halloween franchise. There could be twists and differences moving forward, maybe Jamie Lee Curtis won’t be in future movies, but I might disagree with that too. 

They might not do one for a few years, but this new movie did gross about $40 million at the box office, and that may be a little soft because Peacock is also streaming it. So, will they resume it? I’d say “yes” minus $180 and “no” plus $160. So, if you bet “yes” you’d have to put up $180 to win $100 — you’d put up $180 and you’d get back $280. If you bet “no” you’d bet $100 to win $160 . 

Jason Tauriello, sportsbook director, Co-Founder and COO of Gambl: Vegas sportsbooks tend to avoid topics like this because it’s vague and you’d have to put timelines and stipulations on it. We can’t leave an open-ended bet for ten or 15 years, where somebody would come in a decade later when they make a new Halloween movie and say “Pay me, bitch!” It needs a stipulation, and for this I’d say it’s two years.

After reading interviews with Jamie Lee Curtis as well as the director and producer of this series of films, I would set it as the favorite being “no” there won’t be another Halloween in that two year period. I’d set the odds at minus 180, which means, to bet “no,” you’d have to lay down $180 to win $100 . That’s an implied probability of 64 percent that it won’t happen in the next two years. The flip side on that would be plus 160, so, you’d bet “yes” that there’s a film in the next two years, you’d bet $100 to win $160 .  

Raphael Esparza, gambling analyst heard on ESPN Radio, Fox, CBS, Sirius and others, handicapper at Doc's Sports Picks: In addition to sports, I do a lot of entertainment and political and wrestling odds. I’ve even done the Halloween franchise before. Like, In Halloween Kills, I did over/under on firefighters killed in the opening scene. 

As for whether or not Halloween Ends is really the end, I’ve seen it and read the script and it’s definitely the final Halloween movie for Laurie’s character. I don’t see them bringing her back. At the end of the movie, they show Michael Myers’ mask on the coffee table so that tells you that maybe someone else could pick it up and go from there. I think the original Michael Myers character though, I’d say “no” to any more movies with him, but the mask, I’d say “yes” just because of how much money this Halloween trilogy has made.

The Halloween franchise will live on, I’d say “yes” minus 5,000, which means, if you wanted to win one dollar, you’d have to put up $5,000 dollars. On the “no” I’d say plus $2,000, so if you put down a dollar, you’d get $2,000. On whether or not Michael Myers would return, I think “no,” but anything can happen in that world, so I’d say it’s just minus 1,000, which means, to win a dollar on him not coming back, you’d have to put up $1,000. Now, for Jamie Lee Curtis coming back, I’d say minus a million. I do not see her coming back at all. I think Laurie and Michael Myers are officially dead in the Halloween franchise.

So there you have it, join us next time as we handicap Jason Voorhees' return to the silver screen.

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