Soundfreaq Is The Bluetooth Speaker For Freaks

Soundfreaq Is The Bluetooth Speaker For Freaks

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Think of how many instances in your life would have been better with a Bluetooth speaker in tow! Every shower, every time you cooked dinner, that one camping trip, all those trips to the beach this summer -- all would have been better if you were kicking out the jams. There are literally hundreds of options to choose from, though, so we’ll make it easy on ya. Why not get the one that's on sale for 62% off? That's the Soundfreaq SFQ-07 Sound Spot Compact Bluetooth Speaker.

Okay, so, disclaimer: This thing is more like a Sonos than a JBL in that it's designed for your home — you probably don't want to take it to the beach. But it's a compact speaker that's easy to move from room to room so you can bring the party from the kitchen to the living room to the bathroom, if you’re in that kinda mood. You can stream all your favorite music from your Bluetooth-enabled device and enjoy crisp, powerful sound all over your house that belies just how little the thing is.

The speaker also offers Tone Control settings to let you adjust the audio according to your musical taste and has been perfectly acoustically balanced for high-quality audio reproduction. You can listen for up to seven hours on a single charge, making it a great speaker for putting your soundtrack on during the work day or blasting Motown while you prepare a farmer’s market feast and pretend you’re in a Nancy Meyers movie.

You don't have to spend a pretty penny on a speaker. You can get the Soundfreaq SFQ-07 Sound Spot Compact Bluetooth Speaker for 62% off $79 at just $29.99 today.

Prices subject to change.

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