These True Wireless Earbuds Are Only $25

These True Wireless Earbuds Are Only $25

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These days, it seems like everybody has a pair of true wireless earbuds. Just don't ask them how much they spent on them. Despite more and more competitors releasing wireless earbuds and headphones, prices haven't exactly gone down. And with inflation as stupid as it is, you need to find whatever bang for your buck that you can get. Fortunately, right now is a chance to get a great deal on a set of true wireless earbuds because the Flux 7 TWS Earbuds are on sale for 74% off for a limited time.

Made in the mold of AirPods and Galaxy Buds, the Flux 7 TWS Earbuds are designed to give you great features on a budget. Like other Bluetooth buds, they offer auto pairing to automatically pair to your Bluetooth-enabled device whenever you open them and disconnect when you put them away. With intelligent charging in the 2,000mAh polymer lithium battery charging case, they'll get back up to maximum power in no time -- at which point you can listen for up to five hours without needing another charge. The case even functions as a power bank so you can charge your phone with it, too. You’ll feel like a much less dorky Inspector Gadget.

These earbuds also offer intelligent noise reduction to help you focus when you're at work or drown out that yammery guy sitting next to you on the bus while you're commuting. Thanks to IPX4 waterproofing, they're also sweat-proof and perfectly suitable for working out, if that’s your thing. Plus, with the voice assistant, you can stay connected in a pinch whenever you're busy or adjust the volume, change the track, and more.

Don't break the bank on a pair of true wireless earbuds. Get the Flux 7 TWS Earbuds with Wireless Charging Case and Power Bank for 74% off $99 at just $25.99 in either white or black.

Prices subject to change.

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