Jared Leto's Next Role Is Peak Dumbass Jared Leto

Move over, Morbius.
Jared Leto's Next Role Is Peak Dumbass Jared Leto

Please note: this article contains references to eating disorders.

Presumably, because Jared Leto is now hopelessly addicted to appearing in fashion industry biopics that involve donning weird costumes and imitating accents –

– it was recently announced that the actor and pseudo-cult leader was set to star in and produce a movie about legendary fashion designer/chocolate nightmare artisan Karl Lagerfeld. Of course, Jared Leto has a penchant for method acting-style creative choices that perhaps go a bit too far – like how he famously mailed literal garbage and dead animals to get into the character of The Joker, or how he insisted on being wheeled to the bathroom by disgruntled crew members in order to more accurately portray a goofy vampire-man.

So we can’t help but express our concern over what may happen to Leto once he takes on the role of Lagerfeld, for one simple reason; The Karl Lagerfeld Diet, as immortalized in Lagerfeld’s 2005 book, which can be yours for … $106.47??


Reportedly, Lagerfeld’s interest in weight loss was not motivated by health concerns, but rather “an aesthetic quest, about appearance only.” And perhaps not shockingly, it was all about using clothes as your inspiration. Lagerfeld’s plan involved a “very low-fat, very low-calorie diet, but also all the Diet Coke imaginable – hence why Lagerfeld later partnered with the brand.

The diet has been criticized as “potentially dangerous” because “advice such as chewing food and spitting it out is known to be a trigger for eating disorders.” Lagerfeld himself lost a staggering 92 pounds to fit into a Dior suit he fancied. Considering that Leto has a history of losing and gaining massive amounts of weight for roles (in ways that some have called “unhealthy”) maybe his friends should make sure that he’s not replacing food with Karl Lagerfeld’s favorite soda.

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