Why The 'Disco Elysium' Fiasco Hurts All Gamers

Why The 'Disco Elysium' Fiasco Hurts All Gamers

In 2019, Disco Elysium came out of nowhere to snatch multiple GOTY awards and the hearts of many all over the world. We love surprise hits, and we don't have enough of those to counter all the highly anticipated games that end up as total disappointments, but Disco Elysium was unique beyond that. Its fresh take on politics-imbued Dungeons & Dragons mechanics made that terrible thing that happened and is now definitely solved much more bearable. Sadly, that's not likely to ever happen again (the game, not the appearance of deadly viruses), as even though Disco Elysium 2 is in development, the company behind the game has just kicked out the game's main writers and artists.

Robert Kurvitz, the game's designer and author behind Sacred and Terrible Air, the novel that inspired Disclo Elysium's entire setting, 

Robert Kurvitz

Anyone can read it but only people who speak Estonian can understand it.

Helen Hindpere, the main writer,

and Aleksander Rostov, the man responsible for the game's breathtakingly original art, have involuntarily left the company.

Aleksander Rostov

The only good takeaway here is the laughs we can get out of picturing the corporate buffoon who thinks they'll totally be able to recapture this kind of magic.

We'd previously pointed out that the then-news of Disco Elysium tv series adaptation being helmed by amazon was a pretty bad omen, a sad twist that confirmed our fears that capitalism inevitably ends up taking over and wearing the face of everything that stands up to it, and this further proves that.

Here's hoping more indie companies manage to stay away from the chains of huge corporations in the future, and let us never forget about the people who once decided to give us a completely free remaster of what was already one of the best games ever made.

Top Image: ZA/UM

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