3 Classic Horror Games To Fend Off Sleep

We got freaked out just making this list.
3 Classic Horror Games To Fend Off Sleep

It’s October, which means if you fall asleep, Freddy Kruger will get you. Stay awake all month with our curated, scariest games that are so freaky (and fun to play), they’ll keep you up until the sun rises. 


“Oh I like top down survival games, I’ll get this on my Switch as an unwind at the end of the day game to play before bed.” Cut to 3AM as you shudder under your blankies. Not only does this game let you whip up psychedelics to give you extra boons and buffs, it’s got a branching narrative and extremely creepy vibes. The atmospheric soundtrack makes you feel like you’re immersed in a haunted forest, which in the game, you are. The use of lighting, sound, and character design will have you on edge and have your imagination freaking the heck out when you hear a creak in the night.

Silent Hill 2

Maybe you only know about this game because of Jessica Nigri’s sexy take on pyramid head. Maybe you know about it because your dead wife sent you a letter and you looked up games where that also happens. Maybe you’re just reading about this game now. Don’t look up any spoilers. After you finish this article, stop reading and just go download the damn game.

The Last of Us

This game is devastating. It’s number one on the list because what keeps you up at night won’t be the horrific, disgusting, spore infested disintegration of humanity as seen in the game’s zombies. What keeps you up is not the loss of humanity, but its presence. The real, blood freezing, brain numbing fear of losing someone you care about courses through the game’s veins. You see the worst of humanity told through the best of stories. If you have kids, you probably should just skip this one because damn, it really is terrifying to think about them being in danger and this game makes you think about that danger in almost every scene. Happy Halloween everybody! 

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