Hackers Uncovered Elden Ring's Darkest Wildlife Mystery

We knew the animals of Elden Ring were hiding something, but we we didn't expect a reptilian conspiracy.
Hackers Uncovered Elden Ring's Darkest Wildlife Mystery

We previously talked about how one of Elden Ring's many monsters is actually a bunch of literally cobbled-together kids and how one of the NPCs loves to remove the souls of their victims through their buttholes, so how can anything out of this game still surprise anyone, our readers might ask? Well, it turns out that the game's seemingly very beautiful collection of wildlife specimens hides quite a few secrets, the most interesting of them being the goddamn Runebears.

regular bears


Nope, not these. These are just regular bears, the closest to “nice” bears that we'll find in this game.

We're talking about the huge jacked-up ones that sometimes materialize out of thin air to just obliterate us in a second.

The Runebear. A bear that's way more than just a bear


 What is up with them? Why are they so huge? Why does their chest glow like that? How come their only weakness is sometimes getting eaten by the map?

Ok, that was probably just a glitch. Either way, YouTuber and data miner Zullie The Witch has taken yet another huge dive into the game's files to find out that they aren't regular bears. They are bears or at least were at some point, yes, but these are in the process of becoming something else. Zullie got access to a beta version of the game where she came across a Runebear that lived outside the map. Upon killing it, Zullie got a dragon heart. This means that their huge stature seems to stem from the fact that some bears in this world actually end up becoming dragons. 


It's pretty clear, actually. If we look at their pupils, we'll notice that they look less like those of a bear and more like those we'd find on a snake, Bill Gates or Hillary Clinton.

We still don't know whether all dragons in that world hatch out of bears or whether we're all out of our minds just creating Elden Ring's equivalent of the reptilian government conspiracy theory, but we sure will look deeper into it.

Top Image: Bethesda

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