You Aren't A Gamer Without XBOX Live Gold

You Aren't A Gamer Without XBOX Live Gold

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Gaming has gotten more complicated -- and more popular -- than ever. Gone are the days when you’d invite your friends over and take turns shooting a duck or jumping over a piranha plant. Now, it’s all about DLC, MMOs, and other acronyms your third-grade self couldn’t begin to comprehend, not least because they don’t know what an acronym is. If you’re an XBOX player, you simply can’t get the most out of that experience without an XBOX Live Gold subscription.

Gaming on XBOX One or XBOX 360 is simply better with XBOX Live Gold. With your subscription, you'll get access to a massive community of online gamers on the most reliable console gaming network. You can find new friends to play with using Clubs and Looking for Group, dive solo into massive multiplayer environments, and much more. Everyone in your house can play online, and you can even receive invites while you're just sitting around watching TV. Because it's all cloud-hosted, there's less cheating, too. Suck it, cheaters.

Better yet, XBOX Live Gold gives you access to a growing library of free titles, from multiplayer shooters to family favorites. You'll be able to get two to four free games every month, as well as 50–75% store discounts on XBOX One games thanks to Deals with Gold. XBOX Live Gold also gives you discounts on select content every single week, so you never run out of perks for your subscription.

Can you really call yourself an XBOX gamer if you aren't using XBOX Live? Probably not, so sign up for three months of Xbox Live Gold for 20% off $24 at just $19.99 now.

Prices are subject to change.

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