Chinese Giant Acquired 'Detroit: Become Human' Makers, The Worst Game Studio

Let's take a look at all the crap they now own.
Chinese Giant Acquired 'Detroit: Become Human' Makers, The Worst Game Studio

Big investment corps have bought so many game companies that now they're only left with scraping the bottom of the pan – and that's not going to stop them. Chinese giant NetEase just acquired Quantic Dream, the creators of Detroit: Become Human, Heavy Rain, and Indigo Prophecy after the company has shown unwavering consistency when it comes to delivering ever more aggressively bad and weird experiences. The full acquisition takes place after NetEase bought a chunk of Quantic Dream back in 2019. They're doing it for an undisclosed sum, which at least seems to point at them being embarrassed by what they're doing.

Like, we're not joking when we say that the best fun we can have out of these games comes from failing all the quick time event prompts.

Or maybe watching the game unfold while a glitch forces the main character to repeatedly shout the name of his son.

And we're super not joking when we say these games are weird. Check out a segment from Detroit: Become Human where we have to undress a little girl.

That's pretty creepy by itself, but how about when we take into account that this is the same company that got in hot water for creating a fully nude Eliott Page model for a game that featured no full-frontal nudity? Peculiar time to go above and beyond.

And we can't even fault the devs, because every single problem within these games seems to come from dumb design choices from the higher-ups. Unsurprisingly, Quantic Dream has been accused of all sorts of workplace malfeasance that one of its CEOs addressed in court – right after he asked whether he could lie.

The toxic nature of the workplace caused a lot of people to leave the studio and is also deterring people from wanting to join. The company has announced that the Quantic Drought slowed things down drastically and that the development of their upcoming big game, Star Wars Eclipse, has suffered greatly and it isn't likely to come out before 2027  – pretty cool for us to finish off with some good news, huh?

Quantic Dream

Pictured: either a new race from Star Wars Eclipse that's going to be named something dumb like Sithlorian, or maybe the inevitable look of anyone who works at Quantic Dream for too long.

Top Image: Quantic Dream

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